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Greetings: New Sermon Has been Post

Hello from Bishop Louis.  I  have posted a new sermon today. Please read under the sermon link!


The Political Commitment of the Catholic Church in Zaire (1960-1992), Paris, l’Harmattan, 413 pages.

To the threshold of the Year 2000, the moment seems to come to evaluate the political role exercised by the Catholic Church upon the Society organization since the country independence, June 30 1960, until “the walk of hope” of February 16 1992.  This work presents a synthesis on the eventful history of the Catholic community the more important one of Africa sub-sahariennne.  Narrow collaboration with the “system Mobutu” to the concrete political engagement, the Catholic Church of Zaïre became the one of the forces politics of opposition essential on the political national chessboard. 

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